Focus on the user

Research to develop a deep knowledge of the users and their context for using the product/service.

Cross-functional teamwork

Being involved in conversations early on that impact the trajectory of the project, working closely within a cross-functional team to design, build, operate and iterate the product/service.

Have an agile and user-centred process

Design and build the product/service with an agile and user-centred approach. Find harmony between achieving desired business outcomes and advocating the user's perspective.

Understand the tools and systems

Understand the tools and systems required to build, host, operate and measure the product/service to illuminate technical constraints, feasible design and make collaboration more efficient.

Test hypotheses

Experiment through prototyping to work out the right thing to build. Find out how well prototypes meet the actual needs of users.

Consistent and responsive design

Build the product/service with responsive design methods using common design patterns and a style guide for digital content.

Test, validate and reiterate design

Test the product/service end to end, validate assumptions and design iteratively. If you think something is true, do everything in your power to disprove it. Only then can you really get to the truth.

Make it accessible

Make things accessible, usable and inclusive, always.

Measure performance

Quantify performance against the right metrics.

Keep improving it

Adjust the team and processes in place to keep operating and improving the product/service. Keep doing user research and performance analysis to plan improvements.

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